Roy Niederhoffer: A Billion Dollar Hedge Fund Manager Talks Cryptos

When I first began learning about Bitcoin in 2014, I was struck by the potential reach and impact on the global movement of money and the disintermediation power of this new technology on the world of finance. When asked by others “what is this Bitcoin thing” I would offer the view above. Few took me seriously. I remember in 2015, as one of EY’s (Ernst & Young’s) Managing Partners in the Transaction Services practice attending a global firm-wide MP conference in London, standing and asking my fellow partners “Who owns Bitcoin?” Of the 250 attendees I was the only person in the room who raised their hand. There are times when you see something so clearly, yet you are in the minority, and your desire to educate is strong, yet the majority of doubters overwhelm the emotion of the crowd and the effort to educate is humored but not embraced by the many who hear your voice. The video link that follows of an interview done by Anthony Pompliano with Roy Niederhoffer reflects my views from 2015, and they resonate today in the most important aspects of what I believe the future holds. Enjoy this, it could change your life.


PS Thank you for doing this interview @APompliano
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