Video: Alex Mashinsky of Celsius interviews a strategist on the market for Bitcoin

Alex Mashinsky, the CEO of Celsius, is a very insightful inventor. He has been at the cutting edge of innovation for decades. His company Celsius focuses on revolutionizing the relationship between a banking institution and its depositors. His fundamental concept is that depositors are taken advantage of in the current world and that an opportunity exists within the Crypto asset market to create a more equitable balance that provides greater returns to depositors.

The video that you will watch is an interview Alex recently did with Mike McGlone of Bloomberg. Mike provides an overview of the development of Bitcoin as an asset that is gaining market acceptance across the investor spectrum. I think this is helpful for those that want to learn about the activity of more sophisticated buyers, sellers, and Hodlers of Bitcoin.

For full disclosure: I own Celsius tokens (see the Radar Fund tab and the pie chart of the Funds Top 15 holdings).

MOIP Episode 05 – Interview with Mike McGlone Bloomberg

I want to thank Celsius and Alex for giving me permission to post this video on website