The Radar Fund

The Radar Fund is an actively managed portfolio of crypto-assets. Presently there are 93 company tokens within the Fund plus three crypto currency assets in the form of Bitcoin, Ethereum and LiteCoin. The investments in crypto-assets began in 2014, and in 2019 the Radar Fund was formed to hold these Crypto-assets. On a daily basis decisions are made to increase or decrease individual holdings, and to add new holdings when business initiatives are found to have promise for future success.

May 29, 2020 Radar Fund Share Price since inception

Today, May 29, 2020 as of 4:00 PM EST, 59% of the Radar Fund tokens are higher in price as compared to yesterday, May 28, 2020. The biggest mover is Maker (“MKR”), as Coinbase announced today that they would list MKR on their exchange platform. The comparison of all Radar Fund tokens up 4% or more today are listed below, as is the movement in Bitcoin and Ether.

This is a partial list of the Radar Fund tokens, showing today’s opening prices and past week’s $ volume traded.

A very pleasing day on May 28, 2020, as the Radar Fund Y-T-D return exceeds 50% for the first time this year.

And look at the two of them, BTC and ETH, both having the “Golden Cross” of the 50-Day MVA moving above the 200-Day MVA. Very bullish.

May 27, 2020 The number of tokens performing better than BTC and ETH have increased. The day is a bright one at the moment at 9:00 AM for all boats are rising.

May 25, 2020 Best seven-day Price performers vs Bitcoin and Ether

The trading volume on many of the 93 company/platform tokens have been above normal over the past 24 hours. This increase in volume is reflected in price moves higher than the price change in Bitcon and in Ether.

May 22,2020 6:45 PM The Radar Fund Company Tokens with the highest increases in traded Volume with accompanying price change for the day are as follows:

May 22, 2020 has begun with data that is strong and positive. I am encouraged by what I see. On many fronts the day is beginning with positive accumulation and broad price rises across the spectrum of the Radar Fund.

Of the 93 company platforms included in the Radar Fund, 73% begin the day with higher prices than yesterday. The best performers at the moment are:

As you can see, in the aggregate, BTC and ETH are stronger than the overall Radar Fund company tokens. Only 37% of the Radar Fund is performing better than BTC and ETH, yet the combined positive movement on both the cryptocurrency front and the Blockchain front is impressive.

The best performing platform over the past seven days remains Travala (AVA), up 122% vs BTC and ETH.

The growth in BTC and ETH accounts continues to expand. BTC accounts are growing at a 35% rate over the prior year. ETH accounts are growing at a 47% rate over the prior year.

The volume traded of BTC and ETH is relatively strong, posting cumulative gains in the past 30 days over the prior 30 days. Open interest in the Futures Market is also expanding, but remains below prior highs.


This morning, May 21, 2020, reveals some very interesting activity. Volumes on many of the 93 tokens are accelerating to the upside. Their prices by and large are performing better than BTC and ETH.

The best performer over the past seven days is Travala (AVA) 172.74% better and for today the best performers is Enjin (ENJ) 29.79% better.

Overall the Radar Fund 93 tokens over the past seven days are 62% better than BTC and ETH, while for the day 86% of the 93 tokens are performing better than BTC and ETH.


At the evening hour on May 21, 2020 after a declining day for Bitcoin and Ether, we find a select few company tokens that were positive for the day.

May 21, 2020 The Best performing Crypto-Assets over the past 7 days within the Radar Fund are:

The company platforms with the most significant change in trading volumes are below. Compare the named companies showing this increase in volume to the above Best Performers.

May 14, 2020 There is much to write about today. My models reveal some interesting results after my review early this morning. I look forward to writing more, but not until I take a break for some more coffee, a read of the newspapers, and a bit of my darling daughter’s homemade granola. See you later.

I am back. Most discussions from an investment perspective in Crypto focus on Bitcoin. It is afterall the largest cryptocurrency in the world. The interesting thing is that while it is the largest and garners the most discussion it has not kept up with Ethereum from a Y-T-D return perspective. As I write this, and using the pricing data as of 9:15 AM EST on May 14, 2020, the return from BTC is 34.25% while the return from ETH is 57.15%.

The Radar Fund Y-T-D return is 42.43%, better than BTC but behind ETH. The blend of the Cryptocurrencies and the 93 Company/Platform tokens provide a diversified risk asset in the form of shares in the Radar Fund, and as such, strives to achieve above market yields while limiting risk that is contained within a single asset. This goal drives the asset selection approach for the Fund, but as we can see, may at times underperform a single exceptional asset, in this case ETH, while still beating the overall market. This actually makes it more fun for an investor like me, as I strive to realize the highest returns possible.

The market data for BTC and ETH continue to demonstrate expansion and growth.

They have performed better than most assets in 2020, and are providing additional signs of greater ownership and penetration into existing asset portfolios. From a trading perspective, volume is higher both on the Spot market and the futures market.

Selected Prior Posts

AVA and LYM are getting much attention right now. The LYM price is up 94% today, and this is happening with Volume of $2.4 million. The volume for LYM is 8X the normal volume. I have not been able to find any particular news driving the price and volume higher, but something is occurring to bring this much buying into this platform. AVA’s price is up 27% on strong volume but within its normal range of a few hundred thousand $s.

May 9, 2020 and the company tokens are rockin and rollin beating out BTC and ETH today with a vengeance.

The Radar Fund has 93 companies/platforms represented within its holdings in addition to BTC, ETH and LTC. Today is the day where there is buying across the sector, as the prior days’ concentration in BTC has for the moment dissipated. A full 68% of the 93 tokens have risen in price today faster than BTC and ETH. Over the past seven days, the cumulative price change of the 93 tokens reveals that 49% are higher than the rate of growth for BTC and ETH. The 49% is a record high. What might this mean? I see the continued maturation of the potential success in the business prospects of many of the companies/platforms. Industry adoption of blockchain solutions is accelerating, and with that comes greater interest in the applications being developed across the crypto sector.

Right now, Crypterium (“CRPT”) is crushing the ball. CRPT has beat the price increase of BTC and ETH in each of the past seven days. Its trading volume over the past three days is for each day a multiple of its historic average. Buyers are present and at volumes higher than the norm for CRPT at $600,000 to $1.6 million per day. These are modest trading volumes compared to the overall sector, but that is because CRPT does not trade on the largest exchanges. This company is a banking solution with a Debit card that works within the Crypto and Fiat currency world. The partnership it has with VISA and Union Bank makes it a leader in the banking card crypto world.

The Top 15 Tokens by Market Value within the Radar Fund are as follows:

May 8, 2020 Market Cap change of 93 Tokens as if one token for each company/project comprises the Radar Fund portfolio

The Radar Fund is not equally weighted. Investments are allocated to the most promising projects to maximize returns. Comparing the Radar Fund performance to the equally weighted portfolio reveals that the Radar Fund has a Y-T-D positive return of 45.39% whereas the equally weighted portfolio has a Y-T-D return of 25.45%.


Volume and prices within the broad crypto market have come to life. Trading volumes across a wide spectrum of tokens are significantly exceeding the prior ten days. It is as if a bell went off and all of the money on the sidelines came rushing into the broad market during the past hour. Watching this closely, but it is a very active buyers market at the moment.

Looking at the 50-Day and 200-Day moving averages, we see that the 50-Day has turned upwards and is targeting the cross-over point with the 200-Day. It is also clear that the trend of the current price has moved across and is maintaining a positive spread over the 200-Day MVA. These are all positive signs.

A closer look at BTC using the 10-Day Price and Volume metrics shows that both Price and Volume have turned northwards.

A breakout above $10,000 and the long-term downtrend would be broken.

From a Daily price perspective, we are at that point of addressing the long-term trend. Since late 2017 we have been on a downward trajectory for BTC. Over the past, we have not been able to break above this price trend. Will we now? The strength behind BTC is growing. I would like to see greater acceleration in more metrics, but the steady build of the foundation continues.

Adding to the picture of positive trends, consider the growth in BTC Wallets, and then the growth in the Open Interest of BTC Futures:

ETH continues to build a solid foundation across many metrics. Will the price curve be validated with a continued rise in ETH’s price?

Prior Posts

I must add a word of caution here in regard to price changes that are meaningful and those that are not. Large price moves are insufficient to make investment or trading decisions on. You must look at the volume that accompanies the price move. I have seen too many times where a large percentage change in price draws buyers or sellers into the asset, only to be disappointed when the move reverses as it was based on thin trading volume with no real commitment to the asset. You should look at the volume in KNC and LINK.

Of very important note is that the Open Interest on Ethereum continues to build.

BTC has moved up into the $7,100 area. I want to see it close above $7,400, and hopefully by more than $200. If that occurs I am looking for a price rise to $9,500. BTC Wallet growth is strong, as is ETH Wallet growth. Tough comparables for BTC exist in April and May when last year each month added more than 2 million wallets.

I added another research tool that is token specific. I like the potential quality of this indicator. Let me try and explain what I constructed and hopefully you will see the potential benefit from this token indicator. Each of the 93 non-currency tokens are given a cost value that changes with the price of the currency used to purchase it. As an example, if Bitcoin was used to buy a token, as the price of Bitcoin changes so does the cost. This enables me to see if the best choice was to leave the investment in BTC or to have used BTC to buy the given token. This reveals itself when I compare this “live” cost to the current market value of the specific token. This is step one and something I have incorporated since the beginning of The Radar Fund.

The new wrinkle I have added is to look at each tokens day-to-day change in market price vs the change in its day-to-day cost to see if a trend is being established where the token is outperforming or underperforming the % price change in Bitcoin, Ether, and Binance. Utilizing this tool, I should be able to see whether there is consistency in demand over time for a given token through its price action that exceeds, equals or declines more than the dominant currencies used to purchase the given token.