The June 2017 Connolly Financial Newsletter was published today

This month we cover a number of topics in our 15 pages of economic and market analysis.  The picture of our economy and the market is painted as if it were a Thunder Storm.  Being prepared is the key, while also investing for the future.  The potential of Crypto-currencies is a meaningful part of the investing discussion, and should not be missed.

The topics covered in this month’s newsletter include:

  • Developed economies across the globe are navigating an emerging world of less liquidity, and while economic growth is present, is it accelerating? 
  • What are fiscal budgets indicating? 
  • What happened to capital investment? 
  • Do current stock market valuations make sense? 
  • Should we be anticipating a continued increase in equity prices?   
  • Where in this market am I allocating my capital? 
  • Which equities am I tracking for buying and selling purposes? 
  • The Imagining the Future section focuses on the world of Digital currencies and attempts to answer the question “Are we interpreting this phenomenon correctly?”

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