The May 2017 Connolly Financial Advisors Newsletter was published today

This month we cover the following topics:

Developed economies across the globe are exhibiting growth, but the US growth is decelerating.  

What are stock market valuations telling us? 

Are we peaking or setting up for a continued increase in equity prices?

Digital currencies, fever or reality? 

Where in this market am I allocating capital? 

The Imagining the Future section focuses on China and the One Belt One Road initiative.

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The April 2017 Connolly Financial Advisors Newsletter

The May Newsletter on the U.S. Economy and the attractiveness of Investment choices from Connolly Financial Advisors is due to be released to subscribers on May 20, 2017.  The April newsletter that discusses the attractiveness of investing in India, Bitcoin, currency positions in the Foreign Exchange markets, long and short positions in commodities such as Cocoa, Oil and Precious metals, and a select group of long and short equity candidates for future investment, was distributed to subscribers on April 23rd, and is attached below for your enjoyment.  I should also note that subscribers to the newsletter receive trading alerts during each month on the day of the trade when I buy or sell any investment asset.

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The Connolly Financial Advisors April 2017 Newsletter